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Daily Omer Haiku 5771 by Yael Raff Peskin

April 4, 2012

7th DAY OF THE OMER 5771


overflowing love

majestic culmination

omer immersion

8th DAY OF THE OMER 5771


wilderness sojourn

awesome strength powered by love

held in tenderness

9th DAY OF OMER 5771



mystery of mysteries

rushing rivers of the soul

strengthened by great strength

10th DAY OF OMER 5771



spring winds blow sweetness

harmony dances through fields

inner strength finds us

12th DAY OF OMER 5771



weakened body’s gifts

humbling experience

finding strength in awe

13th DAY OF OMER 5771

WEST -> NORTH (blending of mystery)

YESOD -> GEVURAH (bonding in strength)

solid foundations

unwavering commitments

rootedness, grounded

14th DAY OF OMER 5771

CENTER -> NORTH (complete being-ness w/in mystery)

MALCHUT -> GEVURAH (majesty w/in strength)

armloads of sunbeams

overflowing emptiness

hidden moon delight

15th DAY OF OMER 5771

SOUTH -> EAST (inner clarity/essential self within balance)

CHESED -> TIFERET (lovingkindness in beauty/harmony/compassion)

wellspring of kindness

soul searching is optional

we’re soaking in it

16th DAY OF OMER 5771

NORTH -> EAST (vision/mystery within balance)

GEVURAH -> TIFERET (focussed strength in compassion)

mysterious strength

energizing compassion

great soaring eagle

22nd DAY OF OMER 5771

SOUTH -> UP (inner clarity of the universal)

CHESED -> NETZACH (lovingkindness of endurance)

broken open hearts

jagged rocks offer footholds

loving the journey

23rd DAY OF OMER 5771

NORTH -> UP (mystery of the essential/universal)

GEVURAH -> NETZACH (strength/restraint in endurance)

emerging in awe

rivers crashing through mountains

wearing down boulders

24th DAY OF OMER 5771

EAST -> ABOVE (balance in the essential/universal)

TIFERET -> NETZACH (beauty/harmony/compassion in endurance)

sweetest connection

mother-daughter pedicures!

ready for long haul

28th DAY OF OMER 5771

CENTER -> ABOVE (fullness in the essential/universal)

MALCHUT -> NETZACH (majesty in endurance)

keep on keeping on

unimagined life journeys

beyond the beyond

29th DAY OF OMER 5771

SOUTH -> BELOW (inner clarity in rootedness)

CHESED -> HOD (lovingkindness in humility/interbeing)

sinking into light

embracing impermanence

prostrations of grace

30th DAY OF OMER 5771

NORTH -> BELOW (vision/mystery in rootedness)

GEVURAH -> HOD (power in humility/interbeing)

ancestors calling

public radio fund drives

jump in, dig down deep

31st DAY OF OMER 5771

EAST -> BELOW (balance in rootedness)

TIFERET -> HOD (beauty in humility/interbeing)

clean house, happy house

everything found its own place!

momentary bliss

34th DAY OF OMER 5771

WEST -> BELOW (blending in rootedness)

YESOD -> HOD (bonding in humility/interbeing)

only for myself?

what am I? if not now, when?

swimming in questions

35th DAY OF OMER 5771

CENTER -> BELOW (all in rootedness)

MALCHUT -> HOD (being-ness in humility/interbeing)

roses and redwoods

intertwining majesty

willow trees swaying

36th DAY OF OMER 5771

SOUTH -> WEST (essential self in blending)

CHESED -> YESOD (lovingkindness in bonding)

glittering treasures

ties that bind us together

twisting our way home

37th DAY OF OMER 5771

NORTH -> WEST (mystery in blending)

GEVURAH -> YESOD (strength/determination in bonding)

open to wonder

finding the path that’s been carved

clearing the brambles

44th DAY OF OMER 5771

NORTH -> CENTER (mystery in fullness)

GEVURAH -> MALCHUT (strength/determination in majesty)

courage taking flight

soaring through space and time

panoramic views

45th DAY OF OMER 5771

EAST -> CENTER (balance in fullness)

TIFERET -> MALCHUT (beauty/harmony in majesty)

spacious cloud-filled skies

spanning all generations

now is our moment

47th DAY OF OMER 5771

BELOW -> CENTER (rootedness in fullness)

HOD -> MALCHUT (humility/interbeing in majesty)

divine measured days

we are becoming always

taking hold of life

‎48th DAY OF OMER 5771

WEST -> CENTER (blending/healing in fullness)

YESOD -> MALCHUT (bonding in majesty)

low tide wiggle shells

starfish wedded to boulders

mussels huddle close

49th DAY OF OMER 5771 (thanks julie batz!)

CENTER -> CENTER (fullness in fullness)

MALCUT -> MALCHUT (majesty in majesty)

sh’ma yisroel

adonai eloheinu

adonai echad!

•   •   •


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