Daily Omer Haiku 5772 by Yael Raff Peskin

CHESED -> CHESED   (lovingkindness w/in lovingkindness)
SOUTH -> SOUTH   (inner clarity of inner clarity)
waking up to love
completely immersed in love
glorious spring day
2nd DAY OF THE OMER 5772
GEVURAH -> CHESED (disciplined strength w/in lovingkiness)
NORTH -> SOUTH   (vision/mystery of inner clarity)
outpouring of love
balancing on a tightrope
mindful tenderness

3rd DAY OF THE OMER 5772
TIFERET -> CHESED   (beauty/harmony w/in lovingkindness)
EAST -> SOUTH   (balance of inner clarity) 
beauty adornment
embracing liberation
freedom of the heart

9th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
GEVURAH -> GEVURAH   (strength/discipline w/in strength/discipline)
NORTH -> NORTH    (vision/mystery w/in vision/mystery)
sinking into strength
welcoming my true self home
dancing with shadows
10th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
TIFERET -> GEVURAH  (beauty/harmony w/in strength/discipline)
EAST -> NORTH  (balance w/in vision/mystery)
middle way power
lifting the weight of all worlds
diving into awe
11th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
NETZACH -> GEVURAH (endurance w/in strength)
ABOVE -> NORTH (essential/universal w/in vision/mystery)
journeys continue
unpacking and re-packing
dancing in spirals
12th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
HOD -> GEVURAH (humility/awe w/in strength)
BELOW -> NORTH (rootedness w/in vision/mystery).
carried on the wind
wisdom beyond the ages
stirring the oatmeal
13th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
YESOD -> GEVURAH (bonding/foundation w/in strength)
WEST -> NORTH (blending w/in vision/mystery).
sliding into freedom
long drives into open fields
there’s no place like home
15th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
CHESED -> TIFERET (lovingkindness w/in beauty/harmony)
SOUTH -> EAST (inner clarity w/in balance)
singing a new song
searching for the melody
finding harmony
16th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
GEVURAH -> TIFERET (strength w/in beauty/harmony)
NORTH -> EAST (vision/mystery w/in balance)
laughing in the wind
dancing in community
letting go of self
17th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
TIFERET -> TIFERET (beauty/harmony w/in beauty/harmony)
EAST -> EAST (balance w/in balance)
bursting open hearts
embracing limitations
deepest compassion

18th DAY OF THE OMER 5772 – Yom Ha’Zikaron
NETZACH -> TIFERET (endurance w/in beauty/harmony)
ABOVE -> EAST (essential/universal w/in balance)
remembering life
taking hold of each moment
mountains and rivers

19th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
HOD -> TIFERET (humility w/in beauty/harmony)
BELOW -> EAST (rootedness w/in balance)
come into my arms
you, as you are on this day
come into my heart

20th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
YESOD -> TIFERET (bonding w/in beauty/harmony/compassion)
WEST -> EAST (blending w/in balance)
meeting true wonder
rising to the occasion
bonded for lifetimes
22th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
CHESED -> NETZACH (lovingkindness w/in endurance/eternity)
SOUTH -> ABOVE (inner clarity/essential self w/in essential/universal)
if that’s all there is
the promise of a new day
then let’s keep dancing
23rd DAY OF THE OMER 5772
GEVURAH -> NETZACH (strength/patience w/in endurance/eternity)
NORTH -> ABOVE (vision/mystery w/in essential/universal)
one step, then the next
pausing near the mountaintop
journeying onward
24rd DAY OF THE OMER 5772
TIFERET -> NETZACH (beauty/harmony w/in endurance/eternity)
EAST -> ABOVE (balance w/in essential/universal)
breathing in pure joy
breathing out sheer amazement
standing on one foot
25th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
NETZACH -> NETZACH (endurance/eternity w/in endurance/eternity)
ABOVE -> ABOVE (essential/universal w/in essential/universal)
renewed commitment
endless dishes and laundry
keep on keeping on
26th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
HOD -> NETZACH . (humility/awe w/in endurance/eternity)
BELOW -> ABOVE . (rootedness w/in essential/universal)
soaking in spring rains
standing in awe for all time
hopefulness blossoms
27th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
YESOD -> NETZACH . (bonding w/in endurance/eternity)
WEST -> ABOVE . (blending w/in essential/universal)
jesse • sam • lila
three treasures beyond measure
beyond the beyond
29th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
CHESED -> HOD . (.lovingkindness w/in humility/awe)
SOUTH -> BELOW . (.inner clarity/essential self w/in rootedness)
sweet celebration
spring cleaning inside and out
welcoming new life
30th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
GEVURAH -> HOD . (.strength/discipline w/in humility/awe)
NORTH -> BELOW . (.vision/mystery w/in rootedness)
moving into light
exploring innermost strength
shadows draw me near
31st DAY OF THE OMER 5772
TIFERET -> HOD . (.beauty/harmony w/in humility/awe)
EAST -> BELOW . (.balance w/in rootedness)
beckoning pathways
timing is of the essence
traveling onward
32nd DAY OF THE OMER 5772
NETZACH -> HOD . (.endurance w/in humility/awe)
ABOVE -> BELOW . (.essential/universal w/in rootedness)
scaling mountain tops
plunging into new waters
diving into life
33rd DAY OF THE OMER 5772 – Lag B’Omer!
HOD -> HOD  (humility w/in humility/awe)
BELOW -> BELOW  (rootedness w/in rootedness)
opening the gates
dog b’omer at the beach!
waves of salty joy
37th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
GEVURAH -> YESOD (.strength w/in bonding)
NORTH -> WEST . (.vision/mystery w/in blending)
after the hoopla
beyond bar-b-ques and cards
mothers’ days flower
38th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
TIFERET -> YESOD (.beauty/compassion w/in bonding)
EAST -> WEST (.balance w/in blending/transformation)
silver and gold friends
planting, budding, harvesting
counting our blessings
39th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
NETZACH -> YESOD .(.endurance/perseverance w/in bonding/foundation)
ABOVE -> WEST .(.essential/universal w/in blending/transformation)
every moment counts
don’t let your days slip away
don’t miss your lifetime
40th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
HOD -> YESOD . (.humility w/in bonding/foundation)
BELOW -> WEST . (.rootedness w/in blending/transformation)
skipping stones at sea
single digits counting down
eternity smiles
41st DAY OF THE OMER 5772
YESOD -> YESOD . (.bonding w/in bonding/foundation)
WEST -> WEST . (.blending w/in blending/transformation)
reaching out for you
with all of my being
I am here for you
42nd DAY OF THE OMER 5772
MALCHUT -> YESOD . (.majesty w/in bonding/foundation)
CENTER -> WEST . (.fullness w/in blending/transformation)
need you beside me
could be last chance at romance
let’s dance the last dance 
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43rd DAY OF THE OMER 5772
CHESED -> MALCHUT  (.lovingkindness w/in majesty/generosity)
SOUTH -> CENTER. (.inner clarity/essential self w/in fullness)
love in our own time
blessed with gifts and surprises
the climb continues
44rd DAY OF THE OMER 5772
GEVURAH -> MALCHUT . (.inner strength w/in majesty)
NORTH -> CENTER. (.vision/mystery w/in fullness)
counting on one hand
open to whatever comes
leading with our hearts
45th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
TIFERET -> MALCHUT  (.harmony/compassion w/in majesty/generosity)
EAST -> CENTER. (.balance w/in fullness)
two different ballgames:
knowing something will happen
something happening
46th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
NETZACH -> MALCHUT . (.endurance w/in majesty/generosity)
ABOVE -> CENTER(.essential/universal w/in fullness)
great mountains of light
transformation at the base
rivers of sorrow
47th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
HOD -> MALCHUT .(.interbeing/humility w/in majesty/generosity)
BELOW -> CENTER. (.rootedness w/in fullness)
stumbling in the homestretch
morning breezes smile
48th DAY OF THE OMER 5772
YESOD -> MALCHUT (.bonding/foundation w/in majesty/generosity)
WEST -> CENTER(.transformation w/in fullness)
omer counting me
revealing inner jewels
heading to sinai
49th (LAST!) DAY OF THE OMER 5772
MALCHUT -> MALCHUT . (.divine majesty w/in divine majesty)
CENTER -> CENTER. (.fullness w/in fullness)
sh’ma yisroel
adonai eloheinu
adonai echad

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