Daily Omer Haiku 5777 by Yael Raff Peskin

DAY 1 – OMER 5777
CHESED (lovingkindness) -> CHESED (lovingkindness)
sadness shades counting
dedicated to shira
singing a new song

DAY 2 – OMER 5777
GEVURAH (inner strength) -> CHESED (lovingkindness)
outpouring of love
cradling your tenderness
embracing your heart

DAY 3 – OMER 5777
TIFERET (beauty/harmony/compassion) -> CHESED (lovingkindness)
tender compassion
delighting in harmony
resting in beauty

DAY 4 – OMER 5777
boundless compassion
loving beyond the ages
sweetest harmony

DAY 5 – OMER 5777 
journeys of lifetimes
loving beyond the ages
a deep bow to you

DAY 6 – OMER 5777
gutsy kind of love
inspiring us onward
calling of the heart

DAY 7 – OMER 5777
heart of schechina
singing in divine chorus
all is forgiven

DAY 8 – OMER 5777
drawing strength from love
compassionate discernment
rivers rushing through rocks

DAY 9 – OMER 5777
be brave, courageous
focus on being focused
do not stray from truth

DAY 10 – OMER 5777
beauty out of time
hanging on while letting go
dancing cheek to cheek

DAY 12 – OMER 5777
fire and awe return
decimating illusions
no longer afraid

DAY 13 – OMER 5777
I am here for you
bonded for life and beyond
deep roots intertwined

DAY 14 – OMER 5777
divine embracing
out of the depths of sorrow
true love emerges

DAY 15 – OMER 5777
CHESED (boundless lovingkindness) -> TIFERET (beauty, harmony, compassion)
SOUTH (inner clarity, essential/self) -> EAST (balance)
Strawberries -> Tangerines, Oranges
take me in your arms
trust me with your tenderness
sing to me of love
DAY 16 – OMER 5777
dreamy wonderland
buoyed up, raring to go
such beauty, so good
GEVURAH (inner strength, discernment, focus) -> TIFERET (beauty, harmony, compassion)
NORTH (vision, mystery) -> EAST (balance)
Raspberries -> Tangerines, Oranges

DAY 17 – OMER 5777
immersive beauty
singing our own harmonies
broken open hearts
TIFERET (beauty, harmony, compassion)  -> TIFERET (beauty, harmony, compassion)
EAST (balance) -> EAST (balance)
Tangerines/Oranges -> Tangerines/Oranges Song of the day – Dida (Joan Baez & Joni Mitchell – beautiful harmonies)
+ a bonus today (for double Tiferet!) – SkyDances (Holly Near singing her own harmonies) 

DAY 19 – OMER 5777
glorious calling
inspired masses marching
standing on one foot
HOD (splendor, awe, humility)  -> TIFERET (beauty, harmony, compassion)
BELOW (rootedness) -> EAST (balance)
Green Grapes -> Tangerines/Oranges
Song of the day – Bread & Roses (Judy Collins)

DAY 20 – OMER 5777
hearts racing through surf
neshama and oliver
grace and beauty soar
YESOD (bonding, foundation) -> TIFERET (beauty, harmony, compassion)
WEST (blending) -> EAST (balance)
Blueberries -> Tangerines/Oranges
Song of the day –  Gracias a la Vida (Mercedes Sosa & Joan Baez)
(English translation of Violet Parra’s beautiful lyrics)

DAY 21 – OMER 5777
singing for our lives
serenaded by angels
divine compassion
MALCHUT/SHECHINA (majesty, divinity)  -> TIFERET (beauty, harmony, compassion)
CENTER (fullness) -> EAST (balance)
Blackberries -> Tangerines/Oranges
Song of the daySinging for Our Lives (Holly Near) 

DAY 22 – OMER 5777
eternity calls
tall grasses, gentle breezes
living for these times
CHESED (boundless lovingkindness)  -> NETZACH (perseverance, endurance)
SOUTH (inner clarity, essential/self) -> ABOVE (essential/universal)
Strawberries -> Bananas
Song of the dayOl’ 55 (Tom Waits)

DAY 23 – OMER 5777
gathering our strength
we’re in it for the long haul
meeting each moment
GEVURAH (focused inner strength) -> NETZACH (perseverance, endurance)
NORTH (vision, mystery) -> ABOVE (essential/universal)
Raspberries -> Bananas
Song of the dayThe Easy Way (Dar Williams)

DAY 24 – OMER 5777
music that endures
encouraging us onward
we shall overcome
TIFERET (beauty, harmony, compassion) -> NETZACH (perseverance, endurance)
EAST (balance) -> ABOVE (essential/universal)
Tangerines/Oranges -> Bananas
Song of the dayWe Shall Overcome

DAY 26 – OMER 5777
awesome tasks find us
how far can we stretch our hearts?
do not shy away
HOD (awe, humility) -> NETZACH (perseverance, endurance)
BELOW (rootedness) -> ABOVE (essential/universal)
Green Grapes -> Bananas
Song of the day –  Between Here and Gone (Mary Chapin Carpenter)

DAY 27 – OMER 5777
how can we go on?
together we can make it
always, forever
YESOD (bonding, foundation) -> NETZACH (perseverance, endurance)
WEST (blending) -> ABOVE (essential/universal)
Blueberries -> Bananas
Song of the day –  You Are the Sunshine of My Life (Stevie Wonder, Live at the Obama White House)

DAY 28 – OMER 5777
ocean waves soothe us
connecting with the divine
nothing can kill ants
MALCHUT (majesty, divinity) -> NETZACH (perseverance, endurance)
CENTER (fullness) -> ABOVE (essential/universal)
Blackberries -> Bananas
Song of the day –  Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole)

DAY 29 – OMER 5777
glimpses of splendor
boundless joy for a moment
dancing in your light
CHESED (boundless lovingkindness) -> HOD (splendor, awe, humility)
SOUTH (inner clarity) -> BELOW (rootedness)
Strawberries -> Green Grapes/Kiwis
Song of the day –  Make Someone Happy (Barbra Streisand, Quartet Version)

DAY 30 – OMER 5777
visions melt away
change is just the way things are
shifting with the times
GEVURAH (inner strength, restraint, discernment) -> HOD (splendor, awe, humility)
NORTH (vision, mystery) -> BELOW (rootedness)
Raspberries> Green Grapes/Kiwis
Song of the day –  The Times They Are A’Changin (Bob Dylan, live 1964)

DAY 31 – OMER 5777
beauty becomes us
gorgeous harmony sings us
compassionate souls
TIFERET (beauty, harmony, compassion) -> HOD (splendor, awe, humility)
EAST (balance) -> BELOW (rootedness)
Tangerines/Oranges> Green Grapes/Kiwis
Song of the day –  We Are the World

DAY 33 (LAG B’OMER!) – OMER 5777
glory of glories
happy anniversary
wonders never cease
HOD (splendor, awe, humility) -> HOD (splendor, awe, humility)
BELOW (rootedness) -> BELOW (rootedness)
Green Grapes/Kiwis -> Green Grapes/Kiwis
Song of the day –  Still Crazy After All These Years (Paul Simon)

DAY 34 – OMER 5777
rise and be counted
tenderness of the season
butterfly kisses
YESOD (bonding, foundation) -> HOD (splendor, awe, humility)
WEST (blending) -> BELOW (rootedness)
Blueberries -> Green Grapes/Kiwis
Song of the day –  Glory of Love (Bette Midler)

DAY 35 – OMER 5777
buoyed up by love
comforted in our despair
we are not alone
MALCHUT/SHECHINA (majesty, loving inclusion, all embracing) -> HOD (splendor, awe, humility)
CENTER (fullness) -> BELOW (rootedness)
Blackberries -> Green Grapes/Kiwis
Song of the day –  Wooden Ships (Crosby, Stills & Nash)

DAY 36 – OMER 5777
overflowing love
from the depths of our being
making our own way
CHESED (boundless lovingkindness)  -> YESOD (bonding, foundation)
SOUTH (inner clarity) -> WEST (blending)
Strawberries -> Blueberries
Song of the day –  What the World Needs Now (“Broadway for Orlando”)

DAY 37 – OMER 5777
strength of convictions
floodgates hold back tidal waves
standing our own ground
GEVURAH (inner strength, restraint)  -> YESOD (bonding, foundation)
NORTH (vision, mystery) -> WEST (blending)
Raspberries -> Blueberries
Song of the day –  I Am Woman (Helen Reddy)

DAY 38 – OMER 5777
beauty shining through
source of creativity
singing through us all
TIFERET (beauty, harmony, compassion)  -> YESOD (bonding, foundation)
EAST (balance) -> WEST (blending)
Tangerines/Oranges -> Blueberries
Song of the day –  Sing / Make Your Own Kind of Music (Barbra Streisand, live concert)

DAY 40 – OMER 5777
parched and determined
forty days of wandering
windblown tumbleweed
HOD (splendor, awe, humility)  -> YESOD (bonding, foundation)
BELOW (rootedness) -> WEST (blending)
Green Grapes -> Blueberries
Song of the dayWrap the Sun Around You  (Holly Near)

DAY 41 – OMER 5777
ever more ourselves

rivers rush into oceans
changer and the changed
YESOD (bonding, foundation) -> YESOD (bonding, foundation)
WEST (blending) -> WEST (blending)
Blueberries -> Blueberries
Song of the day –  The Changer and The Changed  
(Cris Williamson)

DAY 42 – OMER 5777 sowing our wild oats
gathering integrity
whispering willows
MALCHUT/SHECHINAH (majesty, divinity)  -> YESOD (bonding, foundation)
CENTER (fullness) -> WEST (blending)
Blackberries -> Blueberries
Song of the day –  Fields of Gold (Eva Cassidy)

DAY 44 – OMER 5777
strength in our resolve
we are standing on sacred ground
speaking only love
GEVURAH (inner strength, restraint, discernment)  -> MALCHUT/SHECHINAH (majesty, divinity)
NORTH (vision, mystery) -> CENTER (fullness)
Raspberries -> Blackberries
Song of the day –  If Not For You (George Harrison & Bob Dylan in rehearsal)

DAY 45 – OMER 5777 heavenly banquet
serenaded by angels
tasting the divine
TIFERET (beauty, harmony, compassion) -> MALCHUT/SHECHINAH (majesty, divinity)
EAST (balance) -> CENTER (fullness)
Tangerines -> Blackberries

DAY 47 – OMER 5777

open to wonder
with each step, splendor abounds
awe lives in moments
HOD (splendor, awe, humility)  -> MALCHUT/SHECHINAH (majesty, divinity)
BELOW (rootedness) -> CENTER (fullness)
Green Grapes  -> Blackberries
Song of the day –  In the Great Scheme of Things (Betsy Rose)

DAY 48 – OMER 5777
roundabout journeys
setting our sites on Sinai
gathering of tribes
YESOD (bonding, foundation) -> MALCHUT/SHECHINAH (majesty, divinity)
WEST (blending) -> CENTER (fullness)
Blueberries  -> Blackberries

DAY 49 – OMER 5777
shema yisroel
adonai eloheinu
adonai echad
MALCHUT/SHECHINAH (majesty, divinity) -> MALCHUT/SHECHINAH (majesty, divinity)
CENTER (fullness) -> CENTER (fullness)
Blackberries  -> Blackberries

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